Comrade Solomon Adodo attends 2 week Seminar At Ministry of Foerign Affairs

The President National Youth Council of Nigeria, His Youthfulness Comrade Solomon ADODO, during the week attended a two day Seminar at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on ECOWAS FREE TRADE. AT THE END OF THE SEMINAR, , THE PRESIDENT OF THE COUNCIL, MADE submission to the Ministry on the challenges faced by Nigeria traders domiciled in Ecowas member Countries especially Ghana.

He talked about the challenges they are facing when it comes to doing and registration of businesses in Ghana, they pay a million dollars as one of pre requisites to do business .which is a violation of the Ecowas Free Trade agreement between member States.
He talked about other bottle necks created by Ghana government to fraustrate Nigeria businessmen, like registration of company’s nane, residential permit renewals and issuance of business identification Cards that all these impediments negate the ecowas free trade treaty signed by member countries.

The President of the National Youth council of Nigeria, Comrade Solomon ADODO, further advice the Federal government of Nigeria to invoke the doctrine of RECIPROCITY if the Ghana government and other member countries continue to violate the ECOWAS FREE TRADE AGREEMENT against member countries. Build the youth, build the nation.

God bless Nigeria.